From Vision to Extraordinary Success

We will work with your organization to plan, mobilize, and implement transformational initiatives to create unprecedented business results. Our approach results in all stakeholders’ inspired commitment, agility, innovation, and above all performance. We are also committed to developing employees at all levels to become leaders of change.


Grow and Innovate

“With the assistance of Rapid Transformation, LLC, VeriSign Communication Services grew its business from $380m to $1b in two years.”
– Vernin Irvin, Executive Vice President of VeriSign 2002-2006

“Rapid Tranformation, LLC played a leading role in the turnaround of Bay Networks where we increased the profit by 20 fold and market value by 5 fold to nearly $10B.”
– David House, CEO Bay Networks 1996-1998


Reduce Cost and Improve Productivity

“Ontario has experienced a monumental impact from Rapid Transformation with an income per employee increase of 282% and profit margin improvement in excess of 300% in 15 months.”
– Tony Reisz, CEO Ontario Systems 2009-Present

“Through Rapid Transformation, Nissan Corporation has improved Net Profit from ($5.7b loss) to $2.8b profit and improved capacity Utilization 53% to 82% in two years.”
– Carlos Ghosn, CEO Nissan Corporation 2001-Present


Turn your Managers into Leaders

“The work of Rapid Transformation, LLC has marked a change in our culture, a breaking down of invisible walls that inhibit personal leadership and ownership of every part of our organization’s mission. Our managers and teams have dared to challenge ways of doing business that have been assumed to be sacrosanct.”
– Dr. Jeff Smith, CEO Santa Clara County, California 2009-Present

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The Inside-Out Effect Launches

The Inside-Out Effect The Inside-Out Effect is a book about personal transformation and authentic leadership development. It reveals powerful lessons on leadership and achieving your full potential as taught at Stanford University’s Graduate and Executive Education Program.
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“Behnam Tabrizi raises the bar of business research and writing to a new and more contemporary level. Throughout Rapid Transformation, he demonstrates a keen understanding of today’s dynamic global, and information-centric economy and the resutling need for organizations to be open to significant change. Tabrizi’s core insights about transformation change offer important lessons not only for the business world, but also for organizations in general.”
Eric Schmidt, Chairman, Google, Inc.

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