We advise the world’s top leaders to lead and implement change

Rapid Transformation has enabled hundreds of leaders and organizations to turn their dreams into reality. This is done by coaching leaders in their organization’s Rapid Transformation journey; training leaders and middle level managers to plan and execute innovative breakthrough ideas and develop metrics for measuring the progress and success of transformation efforts; and inspiring and accelerating change through speaking engagements.

Developing Leaders to Plan and Execute Change

We speak around the world about our extensive experience in advising and implementing organizational transformation efforts. With our speaking engagements, we move and inspire leaders to make their dreams of organizational change a reality. Our talks can serve as a stepping-stone for large-scale organizational transformation efforts. We seek to meet your needs and goals and can deliver our talks in a variety of formats. Below is a collection of topics we currently speak on:

• Making Your Dream a Reality: Leading Change through Rapid Transformation
• How to Plan and Execute Rapid Transformation
• Accelerating Transformation: Process Innovation in the Global IT Industry
• Leading Change from the Middle
• Planning and Implementing Cross-boundary Programs
• Becoming a Real-Time Enterprise
• Transformation Through Global Value Chains

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